In one day, explore the captivating beauty of two countries: Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.


  • Itinerary: Samarkand - Panjakent - Fann mountsins - Haftkul - Samarkand
  • Tour location:  Tajikistan
  • Duration:  Day trip,  8/9 hours
  • Season: All year around
  • Transportation: Sedan Toyota , minibus
  • Food: 1 times hot meals Lunch, or Picnic
  • Level of Difficulty: Medium
  • Group Size: 2-14 pax
  • Highlights: Fann mountains, Haftkul (Seven Lake) Panjakent
  • Requirements: weatherproof warm clothes, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.


- Pick up from the Jartippa border to Panjakent - Haftkul Lake (100km, 3-4 hrs, round trip).
- After crossing the border to Tajikistan, continue the journey to the 7 Lakes, including a visit to the picturesque Nofin village near the 4th lake (60km, approx-2 hours). Ample time is available before lunch to explore the 1st to 6th lakes.
- After lunch, head to Samarkand (3-4 hours) and then drive back to the Tajik-Uzbek border of Samarkand for a farewell.

We can arrange a transfer from Samarkand to the border and vice versa, but with an additional charge.

The tour begins from the border at 8:30 o'clock in the morning.

The package includes:

  • Transportation with an English-speaking driver or separate guide.
  •  Lunch
  • All entrance fees
  • Local Bazaar
  • Visit Sarazm Proto-Urban settlement
  • Ancient Penjikent.

The price of the tour depends from the number of participants.

Destination 200km 7/8 hours 2700m.
Durition of hiking 40/50 mnt


On the western edge of the Fan Mountains in the gorge of the Shing River there are seven lakes, six of them of dammed origin, except for Lake Hazorchashma.
The lakes are called Marguzor, but each of the lakes has its own name: Mizhgon (in other mentions Mizhgon), Soya, Gushyor, Nofin, Khurdak, Marguzor, Hazorchashma. They are also often called simply by numbers, starting from the lower lake: the first is Mezhigon, the second is Soya, the third is Gushor, etc. The difference in levels between the upper and lower lakes is 692 meters.
Lake Mizhgon - (eyelash). Multicolored is one of the most beautiful Marguzor lakes. There is a legend about the appearance of Lake Mizhgon. Local residents say that in this valley lived an artisan who had 7 daughters.
One day, while hunting, the ruler of this area saw a beautiful girl and asked whose daughter she was. They said that she was the daughter of a craftsman. After the hunt, he invited the artisan and was interested in his daughter. When the artisan returned home without a mood, they told their daughters about everything. Then the youngest daughter said that if the ruler wants to get married, then he must fulfill her conditions: the ruler must build a palace of precious stones and gold, with a luxurious sauna.

He accepted the terms, built a palace and set a wedding day. When the girl and her friends came to the palace and climbed to the roof, she saw that the condition had been fulfilled, she must marry this old man. When she set the conditions, she thought that the ruler would not fulfill her conditions, so she did not want to get married and threw herself from the roof of the palace. When she rushed down, the palace disappeared, and the first lake, Mizhgon, appeared in its place. They say that the beauty of Mizhgon and the palace match the color of this lake.