Day Trip To Iskanderkul Lake From Dushanbe.

One day tour to Alexander the Great's lake is one of a few places as must-see for people who are looking for short but amazing places near Dushanbe. Iskanderkul is one of the most beautiful lakes in Central Asia with nice legends about it. This trip is not focused only around Iskanderkul lake, however you will also enjoy the beauties of Fann mountains range everywhere on the way to the lake. Great landscapes and high skyscraper mountains are waiting for you.

- Pick up from the Hotel in Dushanbe - Iskandarkul Lake (130km in 3 to 4 hours).
- Day tour from Dushanbe to explore the breathtaking Iskanderkul Lake in the renowned Fann Mountains
- The journey covers about 130km in 3 to 4 hours, departing at 8:30 AM and anticipating a return around 4-5 PM
- Indulge in a lakeside walk, enjoy the scenic Istiklol tunnel (2630m), and take a 40-minute hike to witness a captivating waterfall along Iskander-darya. Tajikistan boasts the second-highest water resources among CIS countries, featuring over 1,000 rivers, 2,000 lakes, and 8,000 glaciers.

Duration of the tour is 7/8 hrs.
Our service covers transportation from the Hotel to Hotel or meeting point.

The tour begins from the Dushanbe at 8:00 o'clock in the morning.

The package includes:

- Transportation with an English-speaking driver or guide.
- Lunch
- All entrance fees.
- Hike to waterfall

Lake Iskanderkul (Alexander the Great Lake)


Lake Iskanderkul is the largest lake in the Fan Mountains, located at an altitude of 2068 m above sea level. The lake has the shape of an irregular triangle with rounded corners. Area 3.5 sq. km, greatest depth 72.0 m.
Lake Iskanderkul is the pearl of the Pamir-Alai, it is called the heart of the Fan Mountains.
It is surrounded on all sides by huge mountains, forming inaccessible cliffs in some places.
The highest of the surrounding peaks, Mount Kirk-Shaitan, rises almost four kilometers above sea level, and the rest are only five hundred to seven hundred meters lower, so that they rise a kilometer or more above the surface of the waters of Iskanderkul. The turquoise color of the lake water contrasts effectively with the red-brown rocks on the mountain slopes.
Many legends are associated with Lake Iskanderkul. According to one of them, Alexander the Great himself once passed through the Fann Mountains with his army, and while the commander was stationed on the shores of the lake, Alexander’s favorite horse, Bucephalus, drowned in it. By the way, the lake itself owes its name to the great conqueror of antiquity - the name Alexander in Central Asia was pronounced as Iskander.