Tours the Pamir highway & Vakhan corridor

Tour destinations: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Pamir Mountains  
Itinerary duration: 10 days/9 nights (group tour);
Best season: June -to the end of September


Tour itinerary - 10 days:

Pamir mountains and Vakhan corridor

Dushanbe - Kalai-Khumb - Khorog - Yamg - Langar -Bulunkul - Murghab - Karakul Lake - Osh

Pamir Highway tours is an unforgettable journey along one of the harshest roads that lie among the high mountains of the Pamir. During a trip to this region of Tajikistan, you will explore the unique culture of the local mountaineers, see fascinating landscapes of wide gorges, snow peaks and serene lakes. Book one of the Pamir highway tours and you are guaranteed to get tons of vivid impressions; the Pamir will stay in your heart forever.

  • Day 1/2: Dushanbe (900m)

Dushanbe City Tour will introduce you to the capital of Tajikistan. You will visit main sights of the city and its surroundings: National Museum, Hissar fortress, National Museum of Tajikistan, Oriental bazzar Mehrgon and monument of Ismail Somoni with the Rudaki Park.

  • Day 3: Dushanbe – Kalai-Khumb(370 km, 8-9 hrs 1200m)

Departure to Pamir Mountains via the Chormazak and Shar-Shar passes. The road lies through the city of Kulyab and along Afghanistan border. On the way down from the Shar-Shar pass you will enjoy picturesque view of the man-made Nurek reservoir. Visit Hulbuk Fortress and the museum in the Vose district. Lunch in Kulyab. After, a short excursion to Mir Said Aliya Hamadoni Mausoleum. Drive along the river Pyanj to Kalai-Khumb.

  • Day 4: Kalai-Khumb – Khorog (240km 6-7hours 2000m)

​Today You will see Afghanistan from the right side across the river. Continue driving to Khorog, a small mountain valley town, the capital of the Autonomous Gorno-Badakhshan region (GBAO). The city lies 2000 m above sea level, strung out irregularly along the slopes of the dashing Gunt River. A few kilometers downstream, the Gunt merges with the Panj, the river that marks the border with Afghanistan. After arriving possibility walk around the town and enjoy the bazzar with the statue of the herro from the Soviet Union time.

  • Day 5: Khorog – Yamg(140 km, 4-5hrs)

Today You will start the day with a visit to the second highest Botanic Garden in the world  and museum. Here we would leave the M41 Pamir Highway and join the stretch of road that follows the Afghan border along the Wakhan Valley. Continue  to a famous mineral hot spring Garm-Chashma.  Cross and  Ishkashim, a small town at the mouth of the Wakhan valley, where the 19th century Great Game ended. Continue up the north side of the river with amazing views of the Pamir on your left and the Hindu Kush on the ride sides; a number of peaks in view are above 6,000 m. On the way, visit Kah-Kaha, one of the old fortresses on the Silk Road.

  • Day 6: Yamg– Langar(160km,5-6hrs).

Today drive to the ruins of Yamchun Fortress (4-3rd centuries B.C.), sacred hot springs of Bibi Fatima Zahra, the Museum of Sufi Muborak-Kadami Vakhani, a local Sufi scholar, theologian, poet and traveller, who died in 1910. There is a stone pillar with a hole near his house that he used to calculate a solar calendar and a building with inions and decorations. We will also visit Buddhist Stupa.

  • Day 7: Langar- Bulunkul (200km 6hours 3700m)

Today start driving the day with a trip to petroglyphs. There are more than 6000 rock carvings made by prehistoric people. Continue driving to Khargush, source of Panj River, via Khargush Pass (4344 m). After arriving small walk to the lake of Yashilkul and come back to Bulunkul village.

  • Day 8: Bulunkul– Murgab(280km,6-7hrs 3600m)

Get up for sunrise and catch the small ponds and lakes perfectly still on a calm morning. Drive from Bulunkul through Alichur range and Alichur village contunue to Murghab.

  • Day 9: Murgab – Karakul Lake-Osh (600km 10-11hrs)

​Today we start early in the morning transfer to the Karakul Lake. The road to the Karakul Lake lies through the Ak-Baital (White Horse) Pass, the highest pass (4655 m) in the former USSR. People call it “The Roof of the World”. After stopover at the Karakul Lake, the largest lake in Tajikistan (3914 m), drive to Osh (Kyrgyzstan) via Kyzylart and Taldyk Passes. Arrive at border check point. The border checkpoints are located 9 km far from each other; Tajik and Kyrgyz drivers will interchange. Head to Osh (230 km, 3-4 hours).

  • Day 10: Drive to airport is 15-20minute.

Transfer to the airport and the end of the services.


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