Cultural tours to Tajikistan

Cultural tours in Tajikistan

One-day tour of Khujand (1 day)

One-day tour to Khudjand is a unique opportunity to visit the ancient city that 2500 years ago was occupied by Alexander the Great.

He gave the city his name - Alexandria Eschate that translates as Alexandria the Furthest.Meeting on Uzbekistan – Tajikistan border Oybek. After crossing the border drive to Khudjand (70 km, 1h.) – center of Sugd region, Northern Tajikistan.
Khudjand was continuously occupied for 2500 years and found – possibly on the site of an earlier settlement – by Alexander the Great. It is the furthest point he reached in Central Asia, thus the city was named Alexandria Eschate (Alexandria the Furthest).
City tour in Khudjand on which you will be able to visit:
- Pushkin square with Kamoli Khudjandi Square
- Timur Malik’s fortress and Sugd museum
- Muslihiddin memorial complex
- Panjshanbe bazaar
(Khudjand’s central market that has many shops offering different kind of goods and services. The name Panjshanbe comes from Persian language meaning “Thursday”. Panjshanbe is considered as one of the oldest markets in Tajikistan. The Silk Road which passes Khujand city had always made Panjshanbe to be crowded with traders and tourists).
- Arbob palace (Arbob palace had its particular significance in 1992, when it was the place for the meeting of the Tajik Soviet which officially declared independence from the Soviet Union. Also, it was the site where the Tajik flag was chosen).
In the evening drive back to the Tajik-Uzbek border “Oybek”.
End of the tour.

Tour location:                      Tajikistan
Duration of trip:                    1 days
The Itinerary:                       Tashkent–Khujand–Tashkent

  • Day 01: Tashkent-Khujand-Tashkent, travel time 4 hours

Cultural trip to Tajikistan (3 days)

Tour location:                       Tajikistan
Duration of trip:                    3 days
Route:                                  Hissar-Dushanbe-Khujand

  • Day 01: Termez-Hissar fortress-Dushanbe, travel time 2 hours, 75km
  • Day 02: Dushanbe
  • Day 03: Dushanbe-Khujand-Oibek-seeing Off, travel time 5 hours, 387km

Two-day tour Samarkand-Penjikent (2 days)

Tour location: Tajikistan
Duration of trip: 2 days
Tour Route: Samarkand-Panchakent-Samarkand

  • Day 01: Samarkand-Penjikent, travel time 1: 30 hour, 70km
  • Day 02: Penjikent-Lake Haftkul-Samarkand, travel time 3-4 hours, 140k ​ 


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