Fan mountains & Pamir mountains


Tour destinations: Tajikistan  
Itinerary duration: 10 days/9 nights (group tour);
Best season:

June -to the end of September

Fan Mountains

Fann Mountains are unique area of Pamir-Alay, a highland of crystal lakes, edge of transcendental peaks and ancient legends. The picturesque valleys, magnificent by their beauty necklaces of Kulikalon and Alautdin lakes, fantastically beautiful glaciers and attractive Chimtarga, Chapdara, Big Hansa, Kaznok mountain peaks - it is really possible to leave a heart in this heavenly places. The best time for travel is the period from June to September

Tour itinerary: Dushanbe, Zimtut, Artuch base camp, Kulikalon, Alautdin, Mutny, Under Kaznok, Saritag, Dushanbe.

  • Day 01: Arrive in Dushanbe (950m)

Dushanbe City Tour will introduce you to the capital of Tajikistan. You will visit main sights of the city and its surroundings: National Museum, Hissar fortress, National Museum of Tajikistan, Oriental bazzar Mehrgon and monument of Ismail Somoni with the Rudaki Park.

  • Day 02: Dushanbe–Zimtut  (207km, 5/6hrs)

Breakfast, driving  toward Zimtut village of 207 km through the most beautiful valleys and gorges.  (Zimtut village is the oldest classical village of Sogdi which has not lost its landscape and  traditions to this day). Dinner and overnight in the national house.The road is very scenic, passing over Anzob pass (3373 m) (tunnel) and needs (with lunch stop), about 6-8 hours.

  • Day 03: Zimtut through Guitan pass 2600m– Artuch Base (2200m, 4/5 hours)

After breakfast hiking to the Guitan pass then hike down to the Artuch base camp 2200m. Dinner and accommodation in the base camp.

  • Day 04: Artuch base- Kulikalon  (2800m, 4/5 hours)​​

Breakfast, starting active part of trek. Ascend along the good path to Kulikalon Lakes (10 km, +700 m, 5 h). On road there is an opportunity to admire a wonderful panorama of majestic Kulikalon walls with (Adamtash, Mirali, Rudaki, etc.) transcendental summits from more than 4500 m height, Kulikalon Lakes (totally 14 lakes) with the purest emerald-blue water. Camp at a shore of one of 14 Kulikalon Lakes, 2800-2900 m. Dinner and overnight in the tents

  • Day 05: Kulikalon –Alautdin  (2750m, 6 hours)  

Breakfast, ascent on Alautdin Pass (3860 m) and descent to Alautdin Lakes (6 km, 6 h, +900 m, -950 m). During the long ascent one can observe a panorama of Kulikalon Lakes, Chapdara Peak (5197 m) and the Valley of Chapdara River, bowls of amazing Alautdin Lakes with light blue to ultramarine waters. Camp at the lake shore (2900 m).  Dinner and overnight in the tents

  • Day 06: Alautdin-Mutny (3500 m,5 hours)

Breakfast, walking day to Mutnoye (Muddy) Lake (8 km, 5 h, +800 m). View on Kaznok (4 200 m), Zamok (5070 m), Energy (5105 m) and Chimtarga (5489 m) panoramas, sliding glaciers and abrupt rocks, small lake nicknamed for its round form "Piala". Dinner and overnight in the tents

  • Day 07: Mutny –Kaznok Pass (4040m 7hours)

Breakfast , we start our beautiful day with amazing views of surrounding area, mostly Chimtarga Peak over-looking from the top. Descent to the camping under Kaznok valley hiking 7km.  Dinner and overnight in the tents

  • Day 08: Kaznok Valley-Saritog village (2400m 4km 7/8 hours)

Breakfast, walking down towards the Saritag village.  Dinner and overnight in Gusthouse  Dilovar
Day 09: Saritag/Iskandarkul-Dushanbe (130km 4/5 hours)
Breakfast, drive back to Dushanbe through Iskandarkul lake. Iskandarkul-known as a lake of Alexander the Great was established on 1969. The area of the lake is 30000 ha, which means Alexander. This place is connecting with him. He with his army had a rest on the lakeshore after each campaign.

  • Day 10: Dushanbe
  • Early in the morning transfer to the airport.

Tour destinations:                       Tajikistan, Kyrgizistan

Itinerary duration:                        15 days/14 nights (group tour);
Best season:                               June -to the end of August

Trekking in Pamir mountains

The roof of the world – this is how the Pamir Mountains are often translated. The Pamirs are located across Tajikistan, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and are connected with some of the other highest mountain ranges in the world, such as the Tian-Shan, Karakorum, Hindu Kush, and Himalayas. The Pamir Mountains differ because of their severity and high elevations. There are many glaciers, lakes and rivers to be found among the mountains. The environment is tough, though there are places for alpine deserts with a polar climate.

The Pamir Mountains have long been considered the world’s highest. However, the new measurement methods threw them into the middle of the first forty. The most impressive peaks located in the Chinese Pamir. These are Kongur (Kungur Tagh) (7,649 m), Kongur Jiubie (Kungur Tjube Tagh) (7,530 m) and Muztagh Ata (Muztagata) (7,546 m). In the Tajik Pamirs there are highest peaks of Ismoil Somoni Peak, (formerly Communism Peak (7,495 m)) and Peak Korzhenevskaya (7,105 m). Lenin Peak (new name Abu Ali Ibn Sino Peak) (7,134 m) rises at the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

There are many lakes in the Pamirs. The largest one is Karakul, located at the height of 3914 meters (12,841 ft) above sea level. Another famous lake of the Pamirs is Sarez: it appeared after an earthquake in 1911, when huge landslide blocked a gorge forming a dam, and the space began to fill with water from the Bartang River. It took 37 years for the lake to form; after that, its area reached 17 square km (6.56 square miles), and the length reached 70 km (43.5 miles). In addition, the Pamirs are home to numerous lakes like Yashilkul, Rangkul and Zorkul, in addition to many smaller lakes.


​Tour itinerary : Dushanbe - Kalai KHumb - Khorog - Bachor-Sajarot - Tcaxin lake - Kulen - Uchkul lake - Chapdar lake - Kirgiz shabar ​- Yashilkul -Bulunkul - Murghab - Karakul - Osh.

  • Day 01: Arrive in Dushanbe

On arrival transfer to hotel. check in. Rest at hotel.
Afternoon city tour to visit the famous Museum of National Antiquities, which opened in 2001. Featuring artefacts from Tajikistan's Islamic and pre-Islamic history (Greek / Bactrian, Zoroastrian, Buddhist and Hindu), the museum shows that Tajikistan was an important crossroads in Central Asia . The centrepiece is the 14m recliningBuddha in Nirvana, a 1,400 year-old statue created by the same Kushan civilization that made the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.
Visit National Museum recently opened in the center of Dushanbe where you can see history of Tajikistan from the stone age till present days. Unique frescoes and burned wooden statues from Penjikent excavation site are exhibited there. There is a special section devoted to the excavation of Tahti Sangin Temple of Oxsus from Sothern part of Tajikistan.
Later visit monument of Ismoili Somoni and Rudaki park in the center of city
Lunch and dinner at local restaurant
Overnight: Hotel atlas 4 *

  • Day 02: Dushanbe - Kulyab - Kalaikhumb - (350 km 6 -7 hrs drive)

Morning travel via Kulyab en route visit Hulbuk ancient city (9-11c) located in Vose town and nearby local museum contained artifacts from the excavation site. Later sightseeing in Kulyab: visit Mausoleum of Mir Saiyid Ali Hamadoni (14-17 c). Lunch in kulyab local restaurant
Dinner at hotel or local restaurant in Kalaikhum
Overnight: Hotel Karon Palace 4 *.

  • Day 03: Kalaikhumb - Khorog - 250 km (2070m)

Transfer to Khorog in the High Pamirs for 2-nights.
The road is going along Panj River with Afgan villages on the other site. It passes through Vanch region from where all trekking to Fedchenko glacier start, here mountains have very good quality marble, visible from the road.
From Rushan village starts Ismaili portion of this route. Short stop to see Vamar fortress.
Near to Khorog (10km) visit Parshinev village to see shrine Pir-I Shoh Nosir, museum and holy spring dedicated to Nosiry Khusrav (1004) the founder of Isamili religion in this area.
On arrival to Khorog transfer to hotel
Lunch and dinner at local restaurant
Overnight: hotel Lal or Delhi Darbar 3 *.

  • Day 4: Khorog - Bachor (120km 3hrs 3300m)

We will drive to east from Khorog, the administrative center of GBAO arrive in Bachor from Khorog
 start our horse righding.
Bachor is one of the touristic places and has a panoramic heritages. You have a chance to keep you time there well. Bachor village has a horse riding and you have an opportunity for horse riding.
Arrange horses and horse guides for the trip. Enjoy the beauties of nature and encounter the local culture. Stay in a homestay or with local hospitable families, who are also happy to receive guests. Bachor is small Pamirian village which is located next to Gund river, 20km from Pamir Highway. Villagers are mostly occupied with farming and herding animals. Overnight in a homestay.

  • Day 5: Bachor - Sajarot The beginning of the trekking. (16km 7-8 hrs 3900m)

Start your travel along the left bank of Gund river from Bachor. The trail is easy and picturesque. Today we start our first day treak. We start trek toward, our camp, along Bachor Valley, Meeting with Trekking Team. Welcome dinner with Trekking team. Camping 1.

  • Day 6: Sajarot - Tcaxin lake (11km 4200m 6-7 hours)

We will continue our journey from the Sugrod Valley to the lake at near Tsakhin. A hiking trail that day runs in a rocky area, and the walk is a bit more difficult. Tent accommodation on the lake.

  • Day 7: Tcaxin - Kulin (11km 6-7hrs 4200 - 4300m)

We will continue our journey towards Lake Zoroshkul for 4518 m. Snowy peaks and glaciers kiss the lake in order to “take us” to these places. After lunch by the lake, we will continue our journey to Kulen Lake (4300 m). Tent accommodation by the lake. Walk 6-7 hours.

  • Day 8: Kulen - Uchkul lake (14km 7-8h 4300m)

Trekking through the high valley Vikhinch. After breakfast we start our trek to Lake Uchkul (Uchkul - means 3 lakes, there are 3 lakes located near to each other) (4256m). We do camping near second lake, close to shepherds camp.

  • Day 9: Uchkul lake - Chapdar lake (10km 6-7hrs 4100 -4529m)

After breakfast we do start trek to the Lake Chapdar (4529m). We will do camping near to the lake. Walking in surrounding of the lake.

  • Day 10: Chapdar lake - Kirgiz shabar (11km 5-6hrs km H3800 - 4100 m)

We will continue the path to Lake Chadpara, 4540 m, along the way we pass the Langa pass at an altitude of 4625 m above sea level. Walk about 7-8 hours, camping at the creek.

  • Day 11: Kirgiz shabar - Yashilkul dam - Yashilkul (3700m 13km 7-8hrs)

After breakfast we start our final day of trekking, and we’ll follow On the way we do short stop at hot spring Saying goodbye and the last day with Trekking team. Transfer to Bulunkul overnight in the guest house in Bulunkul village. Our driver will wait for us to drive to Bulunkul village 25km 1,5 hrs

  • Day 12: Bulunkul - Murghab (4344 km 7-6hours).

The people living here are Pamiri Tajiks and Kyrgyz nomads living in a harsh but hospitable environment. Here we deepen our understanding of how people have adapted to life in such remote mountainous areas. Lunch in Alichur maybe arranging some fish on the way or very light food.
Dinner and overnight in Pomir hotel 2 star *.
Murgab is a quiet town with an only bazaar of the High Pamir region where Kyrgyz’s and Tajiks live. Visit to handicraft shop in “Yak House”.

  • Day 13: Murgab - Karakul Lake (135km 3-4hrs)

Drive to Karakul Lake. The views of mountains and glaciers along the way are breath-taking as the road takes us to the Ak-Baital Pass (The White Horse Pass 4655 m). This is the highest pass in the former USSR, real “The Roof of the World” and the hidden site in this expanse of arid landscape is the stunning Karakul Lake created millions of years ago. Since, in good weather you can admire the Lenin Peak. Lunch in Karakul lake. Overnight at guesthouse.

  • Day 14: Karakul - Osh (417km 7-8hrs)

Drive via Kyzyl - Art and Tajik Passes to Osh in Kyrgyzstan. Arrive at border checkpoint. Cross 25 km neutral zone. Arrive at the Kyrgyz border crossing point, which is at the bottom of the pass.
Lunch on the way in some local Kirgiz restaurant.
Overnight in Sunrise hotel 3 *

  • Day 15: Osh

Drive to airport is 15-20minute.
The end of the tour. Say goodbye.
Transfer to the airport.