Trekking in Fan Mountains
Trekking in the Fan Mountains can be a breathtaking experience with stunning landscapes and diverse trails.

  • Day 1: Arrival to airport of Dushanbe.

    Meet the guide and driver transfer to the hotel +breakfast.
    After arrivel sleep 3hrs in hotel 4* Atlas. After breakfast drive to Artuch village (240 km, 5-6 hours).
    Rest and preparations for the active trekking part.
    Overnight in cottages or Tents (2200 m).

  • Day 2: The beginning of the active trekking part.

    Ascend on a good path to Kulicalon lakes (10 km – the distance covered per one day; 3-4 hours – is a walk time spent for moving during a day; +700 m – ascend to the height in meters from overnight place). On the descend road during the day there is a possibility to admire a wonderful panorama of majestic Kulicalon wall and surrounding peaks height of 4000+5000 m. (Adamtash, Mirali, Rudaki and etc.). On the way – observing Kulicalon lake basin (14 lakes) with the clearest emerald-blue water. There are a lot of fishes in the lake. The path passes among the picturesque spruce wood. The camp is on the bank of Dushoha Lake (2900 m). After the lunch walk on Kulicalon lakes basin.

  • Day 3: Kulikalon – Alouddin lake

    Ascend on Alaudin Pass (3800 m) and descend to Alaudin lakes. (12 km, 6 hours; +900 m; -1050 m). During the long time the panorama of walls and the view of Kulicalon lakes pleases the look. On the Pass saddle – the spectacular views of Chapdara Peak (5042 m) and Chapdara River valley. Far below could be seen the bowls of Alaudin lakes amazing in its water color from light-blue to rich ultramarine. The camp is at the lake’s bank (2750m).

  • Day 4: Alouddin – Mutnoye lake

    Ascend on Mutnoe Lake (8 km, 3-4 hours; +800 m). During the day a splendid panorama of Zamok peak (5070 m), Energy peak (5120 m) and Chimtarga peak (5489 m). The severe nature of the alpine zone of mountains, hanging glaciers and steep moraine swells. On the road you can meet birches and small lake named for its round shape – Piala Lake, gigantic steps of the receded glacier, polished rocks. High in the one can see the swirling eagles. The camp is at the bank of Mutnoe lake (3500 m).

  • Day 5: Mutnoye lake – Under Chimtarga pass

    Ascend the slide-rock and further over the glacier under Chimtarga Pass (5km, 4-5 hours; +1000m). Somewhere below us was Kaznok Pass, Zamok Peak with its flat top towers opposite. The camp is under the Pass (4500m).

  • Day 6: Under Chimtarga pass – Bolshoy Allo lake

    In the morning an early outlet, this day – mountaineering on Energy Peak. We are ascending Chimtarga Pass (4740m). Here you can see splendid panorama of famous Fan Mountains: Chimtarga (5489m), Bodhona (5138m), Chapdara (5042m), Big and Small Ganza (5306m and 5031m), Sugar Head Peak (4987m). Descend of the slide-rock slope into Right Zindan
    Continuation of the descent along the gorgeRight Zindan to the Bolshoye (Big) Allo Lake (3150m).
    Camp on the shore of the BolshoyeAllo Lake(16 km, 6-7hours, +240 -1590m).

  • Bolshoy Allo lake – Mali Allo lake

    The descend continuing of Zindan gorge to Mali alo lake (12 km, ~6 hours, -1380 m).
    Overnight in the shore river in good place.

  • Day 8: Mali Allo Lake – Zimtut

    The descend continuing to Zimtut village (10km 4/5hrs).
    Overnight in Zimtut village.

  • Day 9: Zimtut – Dushanbe 270km 5-6 hrs

    Transfer to Dushanbe if have enough time the guests can visit the monument of Ismoili Somoni with the park of Rudaki.
    Overnight in Atlas hotel 4*.

  • Day 10: Dushanbe - Airport transfer.

    Transfer to the international airport of Dushanbe.
    The end of the tour.